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Connecting the Globe with our Procurement as a Service

Procurement-as-a-Service, we provide a comprehensive, end-to-end solution to manage your organization's procurement needs. From initial sourcing and supplier evaluation, to purchase order creation, logistics coordination, quality control, and final delivery - we handle it all so you don't have to.

We work with world's most trusted and successful brands 

Toyota Brand
Hilton Brand

Key Focus Areas
Your customers expect the best, and Neshes helps you deliver


Petroleum Products

Discover a diverse array of petroleum solutions, including Gasoline, Diesel, Jet fuel, Marine fuel, and an extensive range of top-notch petroleum and petrochemical products available through our convenient FOB/CIF service. Engineered to surpass industry benchmarks, our cutting-edge offerings power the transportation, construction, and manufacturing sectors with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.​


Granular Sucrose / Sugar

End to end sugar procurement, our specialized expertise in procurement for beverage applications. We focused on quality assurance, supply chain transparency and leveraging connections for competitive pricing and Optimising your procurement by tapping into our global connections upstream in the sugar supply chain, your brand gains supply chain transparency and stability from crop to glass


Agriculture Products

Agri-Procurement-as-a-Service, we specialize in managing procurement and supply chain logistics for agricultural commodities. With decades of experience sourcing wheat, rice, corn, soy and other staple crops and perishable goods. We leverage our industry expertise to deliver the best product at the optimal price.


Solar Panels / Equipments

Providing world class Solar equipments and components to deliver your energy securities, Our term of experts with over three decades of experience in large scale solar projects in various regions all around the globe. We handle end to end engineering and procurement of any size and complexity. We have partnered with world class solar equipment manufactures to bring your the best in class energy solution.

Why choose us
Complete Procurement, Simplified


Robust Supply Chain

Robust FOB and CIF locations to any safe port worldwide with tailored procedures and Consistent supply.

Free and low cost calls

Higher ROI

Optimise your ROI with our reliable and cost effective and hassle free product line up and introduce a positive impact on value.


Compliance & Security

Encryption options for signaling (TLS) and media (SRTP/ZRTP) ensure your procurements are secure.


Global Sourcing Network

We have world best and top Manufacturers and producers of goods and best is the class network which can scale up or down based on your requirements.


End to End Management

The procurement process becomes a well-oiled machine. We implement optimized processes that reduce maverick buying, increase spend under management, improve cycle times, enhance visibility, and drive sustainability.

Career Grade Quality

Quality Assurance

Quality is our top priority and we go above and beyond to ensure we source you the best products and strictly meet all QA standards.

Our Global Network
We built our network for real-time collaboration.



Over 98.4% Customer satisfaction rating, You just can't go wrong choosing us as your partner.


Frequently asked questions
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What people say about us

Neshes Rating

“Procurement-as-a-Service has been a total game changer! Their expertise not only drove 15%+ savings across our enterprise spend, but also brought fresh ideas that optimized efficiency. The dashboard gives me great visibility and their automated processes enhanced compliance. My favorite part is being able to focus my team on long-term strategy versus procurement administration" 

Sarah K.

Business Owner

Neshes Rating

“As a fast growing startup, outsourcing procurement was critical, and Procurement-as-a-Service delivered big time! They rapidly consolidated spend for discounts, found creative ways to trim costs without quality tradeoffs, and shared best practices that level-up our operational maturity" 

Alina U. 

Business Owner

Neshes Rating

“They thoroughly transformed buying at my healthcare organization - implementing structure, automation, and far better contracts. Doctors can now stay focused on patients while procurement runs smoothly in the background" 

Sumeet R.

Business Owner

99.9% Business love Neshes. Not convinced you’re one?We love a challenge.

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